Urethane cushion buffer - suitable for various car models.


The installation process is simple and with a little help and follow the instructions can easily be done. You can install buffers by yourself simply by following the instructions, no specialized equipment or service is needed. Call us we can assist you, it is really simple. 



Installation steps are as follows:

  1. Preparation of Urethane spring buffers and spray with water and soap.
  2. Raise vehicle with jack, so as to lift the wheel off the ground.
  3. When the wheel is lifted off the ground, you will see that the spring expands.
  4. Spray with soap and water spring car cleaning mud and easier installation.
  5. Moisten the surface of the buffers on both sides and install the buffer on the spring . Ideally, it is better to install the buffer in the middle of the spring.
  6. Check if the buffer is well tightened and fully inserted between the coils of the spring, and then if need secure it with plastic clips. The plastic clips should not be tightly fastened.
  7. Next step is switching to the other wheels and install the same way.
  8. Enjoy a comfortable ride and enjoy the benefits for you and your car from Urethane Cushion Buffers


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