Urethane cushion buffer - suitable for various car models.

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Distributors from Europe are more than welcomed, we offer special conditions for new dealers. 

Why become a distributor of urethane autobuffers?


What are the 8 reasons to become a distributor?


1. Unique and high quality product!


2. 100 % satisfied customers - the effect is immediate and tangible!


3. Faultless product manufactured in South Korea!


4. Versatility and simplicity of the product (suitable for almost all cars)!


5. Special distributor prices!


6. Minimum initial investment!


7. Provided marketing support!


8. Stocks of all sizes!


9. Prompt delivery!


We are in process of recruiting dealers, every application is welcomed and we will contact you in short period of time.

Please send your dealer applications to office@amortisior.com


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